Spring Special Edition Box - Paradise Problem
Spring Special Edition Box - Paradise Problem

Spring Special Edition Box - Paradise Problem

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Taste::Organic Tea
Spring is Here!

As warm weather slowly approaches, we have the perfect beach read for you this Spring. Each box will give you the warm tropical fuzzies and feature a cotton Turkish Towel. 

In Christina Lauren's new romance, a wealthy heir, Liam "West" Weston, and his artistic ex-wife, Anna Green, fake their relationship to secure a massive inheritance, leading to a tangled web of emotions and familial pressures.
Anna, unaware she was still married to Liam after their college arrangement, finds herself drawn back into his world of privilege and expectation.
As they navigate the facade of their marriage, Liam wrestles with the conflict between his family's legacy and his genuine connection with Anna, questioning the true cost of their deception versus the value of their love.

Peek Inside Your Box: 

  • Sight: 

    • Hardcover copy of Paradise Problem w Signed Bookplate

  • Smell: 

    • 4oz Soy Candle (with a sparkle surprise)

  • Touch:

    • (3) Full-sized Boutique Items 

    • Taste: 

      • Organic Tea or Cocktail Mix 

    • Taste #2: 

      • Artisan Chocolate   

    • Sound: 

      • Custom Instrumental Spotify Playlist

      • Experience Enhancers: 

        • Tasseled bookmark and Story Food and Drink Recipe card 

      *BONUS: All boxes will come with a Turkish Towel in varying colors*