Shipping Updates

- To our beloved bookish members and supporters -

This journey of starting, running, and growing a small business has had its challenges and curveballs since we started in our backyard she-shed in 2020 with no funding.

Last month, we were awarded a team of advisors, financial backing, and the start of a year long Fellowship program with the Tory Burch Foundation.

Thank you for staying with us, for allowing us to learn and grow, and for giving us the grace to improve. We are working with limited resources and a small team, but continue to have your satisfaction be our #1 priority.

All outstanding orders, WILL be fulfilled, and are going out every week.

Starting with our July Boxes, we will resume our normal schedule. All July boxes will go out towards the end of July, WITH the boxes of a past due month.

We will continue to ship out this way until past due boxes are all fulfilled, while allowing you to enjoy newly released novels closer to to their release date.

Thank you tremendously your patience, grace, support, feedback and understanding!

-Natisha Asbell

Last updated: 6/26

February Boxes

Starting to ship...

First wave going out week of 7/1

We will be shipping boxes in the following order:

1. The Teacher

2. Fangirl Down

3. A Love Song for Ricki Wilde

March Boxes

Preparing to Ship

Boxes will being shipping end of July with July Boxes