Our Story

Born out of a love for books and a deep desire to make a difference.

Before there was Authentic Books, there was just Wes and I. We met, in of all places, a bookstore. 

We’ve traveled the world together. Lived coast-to-coast, met amazing people along the way and created a wonderful life together. We talked and dreamt of the day that we would pursue our passions and wake each day to do our part to make a difference in the world.

We love books and wanted to create an experience that promises to not only help others immerse themselves into a story, but also fights for fairness and equality, and does its part to make a difference in peoples lives. We'd put social responsibility at the heart of everything we did and measure ourselves by the impact we make in peoples lives.

So we decided to go for it.

We’d put our young daughters to bed each night, retreat to our home office with a bottle of wine and some good music, and spend our nights building this experience we always dreamt of.

Authentic Books is more than just a book subscription service to us. It’s a promise to our daughters that there is good in the world. It’s where we show them that we won’t let hate win, we won’t stand by and watch as others get an unfair chance at life. It's how we show them that everyone can make a difference.

To some, a book is just a book, but those of us know better. Books have been changing hearts and inspiring mind since the very first one was written. Books represent what’s best in us, they hold our stories, our ideas and our passions.

Each of us has been influenced by a book in one way or another. Whether we’ve been moved by a story, bonded with a loved one over their pages or simply laughed and smiled from something we read. And when you read a good one, it can literally change your life.

It’s our dream to use the magic that is books, to change even more lives and inspire even more minds in new ways. And we're just getting started.

– Natisha & Wes Asbell