Tessa Bailey's Dream Cast for 'Schitt's Creek' Inspired, It Happened One Summer

Tessa Bailey's Dream Cast for 'Schitt's Creek' Inspired, It Happened One Summer

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Tessa Bailey is back with a Schitt’s Creek-inspired rom-com about a Hollywood “It Girl” who is cut off from her wealthy family and exiled to a small Pacific Northwest beach town... where she butts heads with a surly, sexy local who thinks she doesn’t belong. 

1. What part of the book was the most fun to write?

All of it! But I would have to say the scene with the fishermen ribbing their captain about his interest in our heroine, Piper (and her Instagram account), probably made me laugh the most while writing.

2. What characters in your book are most similar to you or to people you know?

I think Piper’s sister, Hannah, is the most similar to my friends. Fiercely loyal, supportive and generous with good advice. And not opposed to day drinking.

3. Would you and your main character get along? 

Yes, definitely. Piper likes other women. She’s not in competition with them. She wants to build them up, bolster their confidence and make a new friend and that’s something I really admire about her. We would get along famously because I love other women, too!

4. What’s your favorite writing snack or drink? 

Coffee and a banana slathered in peanut butter. It’s the first thing I eat/drink when I sit down at my desk in the morning.

5. How do you celebrate when you finish your book? 

By starting another one! I can never relax for long before my brain and fingers start wanting to plot something new.

6. If your book were made into a movie, which actors would play your

For It Happened One Summer, I have definite actors in mind for the four
main characters (two of which will be featured in the second book, Hook Line & Sinker).

For Piper, I can only see Annie Murphy. Piper will never be anyone else in my
mind—that’s just her.

Hannah is Josephine Langford for me.

Fox is Tyler Cameron of Bachelorette fame.

Brendan is the hardest to cast because nobody really looks like the
big, salty, seafaring man I have in my head. But I would love to see a bearded Tom
Hardy play him (wearing a beanie, of course).


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