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Give a Gift Card
Give a Gift Card
Give a Gift Card

Give a Gift Card

Sale Price$59.99
Which experience would you like to give?:Full Experience
Length:1 month - FREE BONUS ITEM
*Upgrade: We will mail your gift card w/ a card:Only Digital

What's Inside Each Gift Experience?

Give a new book and new self-care items each month.

Mini Experience

Sight: Pick from three newly released books each month (or be surprised!)

Smell: Hand poured artisan candle

Touch: Full-size artisan made beauty/self-care item

Sound: Custom Spotify music playlist

Heart: 5% of your membership is donated to children's education projects

Bookmark: Custom tassel bookmark inspired by your book

Recipe Cards: Food and cocktail recipes pulled right from the story

Full Experience

Everything in the Mini Experience PLUS:

Taste: Choice of premium full-size tea or craft cocktail mixer

2 x Touch Items: Two full-size artisan made beauty/self-care items

Premium Experience

Everything in the Full Experience PLUS:

2 x Taste Items: Choice of full-size tea or cocktail AND a chocolate bar 🍫

3 x Touch Items: Three full-sized artisan made beauty/self-care items